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Tskhaltubo resort

Tskhaltubo is a spa resort that is situated in the central part of Western Georgia (ten kilometers from the town of Kutaisi, a hundred kilometers from the warm Black Sea and 250 kilometers from Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia). It is famous for its radon-carbonate mineral springs. Curative properties of Tskhaltubo springs are incomparable. The springs are naturally warm   (33–35 °C (91–95 °F), they have the human body temperature and can be used without being heated. The water is clear, slaking, without any smell.

Clinical data show the extraordinary wide range of curative properties of Tskhaltubo as a health resort, but it became especially famous for its unique warm radioactive gaseous springs (baths) which has been well-known since the ancient times.

Tskhaltubo mineral waters are of high medicinal properties, they can cure (treat) about sixty diseases. It magically helps the patients who have the joint disease, the disease of the peripheral nervous system, the cardiovascular system disease, skin disease, metabolism, the disease of endocrine glands, gynecological disorders and many other diseases.
The treatment in Tskhaltubo is so effective that many patients who had to walk on crutches before treatment stopped using them after treatment. The water produces a tranquillizing effect on people with nervous breakdown, many childless women’s dreams came true.
The treatment is effective for those children who are afflicted with rheumatism, cerebral paralysis and poliomijelitis. The course of treatment is about twenty / twenty-four days. Besides everyday twenty-minute warm radioactive (thermal) baths the patients, if necessary, can have water training, under water massage, stretching exercises, circular and ascending showers, gynecological irrigations, electro-therapy, etc.

The karst caves with their microclimate provide natural treatment for the patients who suffer from bronchial asthma, stenokardia, high blood pressure, neurosis and chronic  pneumonia.

Moreover, Tskaltubo is known not only as a spa but as well as a popular tourist center. It is situated in a green hilly plain with its warm moderately humid climate. Tskhaltubo is famous for its mild winters and not very summers. So Tskhaltubo can be considered to be a climatic resort. Along with the treatment you can have a good rest here. There is a large beautiful park with about a hundred different specimen of subtropical flora in Tskhaltubo. There are also Historical and area Studies museums.
For those people who do not need any treatment there are recreation facilities at their disposal, they can see eastern Georgia’s sights, go to the seaside, ride horses in the mountains. So they can both entertain and rest.

For pleasant holiday there are many comfortable hotels in Tskhaltubo.

Tskhaltubo Hotels  

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