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Kolkhida - 4**** - Hotel in Ureki

Sanatorium “Kolkhida” is situated at the unique coast rich in pine-trees. It has a private 3 ha yard and 250 meters long private beach. Our health and treatment complex offers you its service with a mix of comfort and traditional Georgian hospitality. Subtropical climate, warm sea, sun and unique magnetic sand – this true magic of the nature offers magnificent possibilities for tourist rest, health and treatment.

The complex offers the following facilities:
76 standard rooms
12 suites
3 apartments
magnetic sand beach (cleaning done daily);
Towels, beach chairs and umbrellas, shower facility

In addition to the above:
Dinner hall with the capacity of 160 persons
Restaurant and café-bar with live music
Bar with a terrace and a sea view
Children’s playground
Football and Handball grounds
Table tennis
shooting gallery
summer cinema
Wall for mountaineering
Conference hall
24 hour medical-ambulance service
Massage cabinet
Satellite TV
24 hour guard
Entertainment programmes
professional rescue teams

We also offer you the following services:

Secure parking
Photo-video service
Computer games
laundry service
Birthday parties
Morning mail

Treatment method

Kolkhida in Ureki
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While resting or undertaking treatment in Ureki, the human organism is subject to complex influence of several natural and physical factors – sea climate, warm sand bath and low intensity magnetic field, all of which creates the best conditions for healing and rest.
At “Kolkhida” treatment is provided to each patient individually under constant observation of experienced doctors. The healing factors have especially positive results in treating children diseases. The positive impacts are not the result of influence of the sand only, but that of all other resort factors of Ureki, including “Talasotherapy”. In addition, emotional and psychotherapeutic factors, such as change of environment, rest, picturesque landscapes, etc., should not be excluded. The optimal duration of one course is 24 days, which includes:
Kolkhida Shore
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I.Acclimatization period last for 2-5 days, on average, the aim of which is to adapt the diseased organism to the environment. The number of acclimatization days is defined based on individual characteristics of organism, nature of disease and the distance from Ureki to the permanent place of residence.

II. Air bath: dosage depends on the degree and nature of disease. Air bath is prescribed at different outdoor temperatures, given that the lower the outdoor temperature and higher wind velocity, the more irritable is the impact of the air bath. The main purpose of air bath is to strengthen the body, strengthen immunity of organism toward the influence of weather factors. Dosage of bath is calculated in minutes (from 10 minutes to 1-2 hours). The air bath is considered as transitional preparatory procedure before the sun bath.

III. Sun bath: it is a strong thermal procedure. It causes straining of thermoregulation mechanisms and change of the functions of all organs and systems involved in thermoregulation. At the right dosage of the procedure positive impacts are derived under the UV influence. Dosed sun baths are undertaken in morning hours in summer, at noon - in spring and autumn.

IV. Magnetic sand bath: the methodology of taking the bath is the following in Ureki: certain are of the beach is fenced in order to protect it from wind and make the sand warmer. The sand is sifted at 6.00-7.00 am. Then the area is divided into small segments for each patient; 30 centimeter high sand-piles are built around each segment. At 11.00-12.00 am., when the sand gets warmer up to 50-55C, a patient lies down on his/her segment and he/she is then covered by the warm sand, while his/her head, neck and chest are left intact and an umbrella is erected to cover the patient’s head from sun. The duration of the procedure is from 10 to 30-40 minutes for adults and from 5 to 15 minutes - for children. After the procedure is over, the patient is cleaned from sand and wrapped into cloth; he/she can rest in the shadow for 15-20 minutes. Then, the patient takes a shower of sun-heated water and dries himself/herself well, after which he can rest in the premises for 1,5-2 hours. The course includes 10-15 baths. Patients take procedures everyday or once in two days

V. Sea bath: during this procedure, the reaction of the organism consists mainly of two phases: phase 1 – initial cooling related to sudden cooling of the body, which bear nervous-reflex nature. It is reflected in spasm of superficial vessels and vasodilatation of internals, which results in blood circulation from periphery to internals. Stimulation of reflex vagus and strengthening of its function are noted, which causes slowing the cardiac rhythm, deep and scarce breathing, increase of blood pressure; phase 2 – is revealed in feeling the warmth, which is caused by improved blood circulation in surface vessels. At this point, the degree of thermal regulation increases drastically; breathing becomes frequent and deeper; oxygen consumption increases 2-3 times; oxidation-regenerating process is strengthened, lung ventilation grows and heart beating activates. Sea baths are good for the following diseases: functional diseases of central nervous system, obesity, several compensative diseases of cardiovascular system, lymphadenitis, rachitis, chronic inflammation of respiratory tracts. Bathing in the sea is prescribed only after undertaking all the abovementioned procedures, based on the respective climatic regime (from 1 to 10-20 minutes).

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