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Cuisine Tour
Cuisine tour
Master classes in preparing Georgian dishes
9 days/ 8 nights
Dates on your choice

During the tour you will get acquainted with Georgian cuisine and receive master classes in preparing Georgian dishes.
Also, You will study the culture and history of Georgia, visit some historical places, museums and other sightseeing.
Georgian cuisine is undivided element of nation’s general culture. Also, the phenomenon of a guest is very important in Georgia. Here, a guest is called as “gift from the God.” So, Georgians did their best to make their cuisine and all ceremonies connected to it wonderful.
We may calculate more than 130 recipes of Georgian national dishes. Some of them are popular not only inside, but also outside of the country. Different regions have their different kinds of dishes and some secrets how to prepare various dishes.
All these information will be available in various places of Georgia from various housewives.

1 – Sunday
Arrival in Tbilisi airport 21:40
Transfer in Tbilisi. Check in the hotel.
Night in Tbilisi

2 Monday – Mtskheta-Tbilisi (50км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)
Excursion to Mtskheta, the old capital of Georgia, recent religious centre. The town is included in the list of UNESCO. Here, in the 4th century, Georgia was officially converted to Christianity by Saint Nino, a young woman from Jerusalem. Under the main church Svetitskhoveli (the life giving pillar) is buried the Robe of the Christ, one of the most important relic of  Christian world. Because of this and many facts Mtskheta has a role of the main pilgrimage cites of Georgia.
We will have the first glimpse of Mtskheta from a hill, where stands Jvari monastery.

After interesting stories delivered by the guide, we will have the first meeting with Georgian cuisine. Nearby Mtskheta, in a nice village, a local wine producer has a wonderful dining room for you. After looking around his winery tasty dinner with degustation of 2-3 kinds of wine (included) is waiting for us.
Back to Tbilisi.

Don’t think of having a rest. Hope you will not have a heavy hangover. Tbilisi tour is waiting for you.

The excursion begins from Metekhi Curch rock platform, from where we make first glimpse over the ancient district of the capital.  The first special thing we see is a Mosque, Synagogue, Georgian, Armenian, Latin Churches and even the ancient worship house of Zoroastrianism standing together peacefully, as a sign of Georgian tolerant nature.
We continue our route up to the Narikala Castle and overlook Tbilisi from the opposite sight. Here we observe one more peculiarity of Tbilisi – the harmony of city life and nature. One step back and we see Tbilisi Botanic Garden, a nice recreation place with green trees, river, waterfalls…
Generally, Tbilisi contains a marvelous combination of hills, mountains, lakes, rivers, forests, rocks, ancient castles and churches, amazing old narrow streets and unique squares, great examples of historical buildings of a of Neoclassicism, Gothic, Renaissance, Modern and Soviet architectural style.
Visit Bath District, where it is possible to have hot natural sulfur water procedures with special massage, after which you will feel yourself like a newborn baby.
Evening walk in nice streets.
Welcome dinner in a restaurant (at 20:00) with Folk Program, Georgian dances and songs (included).
Again various Georgian dishes, white and red pouring wine. “Supra” (Georgian table with all the traditional ceremonies) will be lead by professional Tamada (Toastmaster). Tamada will be our guide for several hours, ho will inform us about some secrets of philosophy of Georgian Supra (Tamada service is included).

Mtskheta old capital of Georgia
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Overnight in Tbilisi.

3 – Tuesday – Tbilisi-Bodbe-Signagi-Telavi (170 км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)
Today Kakheti region is waiting for us – Homeland of wine
There are about 2000 sorts of wine in the world. More than 500 sorts (i.e. 1.4) come from Georgia. The word itself “gvino” (wine in Georgian) is considered as a root for any foreign equivalent. The oldest wine vessel found in Georgia dates back to 6th millennium BC. So, Georgia supposedly is a cradle of wine in the world. Kakheti region is the cradle of wine in Georgia itself.
Visit Bodbe – a convent in a very beautiful nature with the view of river Alazany valley. Bodbe is one of the most important pilgrim place, because there is a tomb of Saint Nino, who converted Georgia in Christianity.
After this visit Signagi, (a town of love) a nice touristic town with amazing view of river Alazani Valley and Caucasian mountains. Here the wedding house is always open. So that, you can make your love relationship official any time.
Signagi is Turkish word meaning “a shelter”. It was built in 18th century by a famous king of Kakheti erekle II to defend surrounding villages from North Caucasian Muslim peoples.
Nowadays there is no danger of attacking any invaders. It was newly restored and renovated just for you pleasure.
In the evening the first master class is waiting for us in Telavi, administrative centre of Kakheti region. A housewife will make “Mtsvadi” (barbeque, roasted pork), bake bread and cook “Khashlama” (a soup kind dish with beef) and “Churchkhela” (nuts

with dry juice of grape) (included).

Sighnaghi and Bodbe
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Night in Telavi at guesthouse

4 – Wednesday – Telavi-Tsinandali-Telavi (50км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)
Telavi - after destroying Gremi, Telavi became main town of Kakheti and residence of King’s family. Now it is an administrative centre of Kakheti region. The main sightseeing is the palace – museum of King Erekle II.
Tsinandali. Visit the house-museum of local nobleman Alexandre Chavchavadze. Here we will find out that in Georgia, in XIX century, European oriented culture was not something strange even in the regional place. Afamous poet and diplomat Alexander Griboedov was son in low of Alexandre Cavchavadze. His famous comedy in verse “Woe from Wit” Griboedov wrote in Tsinandali. He and his beautiful wife Nino Chavchavadze, who widowed in 17 after several months of their marriage and never married again, are buried in Tbilisi, at the entrance of Mtatsminda Pantheon.
Wine degustation in Tsinandali (included).
After excursion in Kakheti we go back to our housewife, who prepared all the necessary ingredients for the next master class. Until evening we will get acquainted some more recipes of Georgian dishes, spread Supra and have wonderful evening accompanied with Georgian wine (included).
For extra payment folk group is available

Night in Telavi at guesthouse

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5 – Thursday – Telavi-Jinvali-Ananiri-Gudauri (220-240 км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)

Drive up to highlands

Via wonderful Gombori pass go back to Tbilisi, cross the capital and drive up to “Military highway”. Visit Jinvali water reservoir and Ananuri

Ananuri Ensemble – contains two churches and two towers surrounded by defensive walls. Down to the complex there’s a former settlement called Ananuri and also former main road, which is now covered by artificial Jinwali lake. In old times, a residency of feudal usually stood high up of the road. Ananuri served as main fortified residency of Aragvi Feudals.

We are waited in the hotel in ski resort Gudauri. Local housewife has ready ingredients for “Khabizgina”. “Mkhlovani” and “Khinkali”

Dinner (included)

Night in Gudauri

6 – Friday – Gudauri-Kazbegi-Gudauri (70км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)

Visit small town Kazbegi. From the centre you can drive up to the high hill to visit Gergety Trinity Monastery to overlook

Kazbegi areas. On the other side Kazbegi mountain overlooks you. This is one of the highest peak in Georgia, eternally covered

with the snow. For extra payment jeeps will elevate you on The hill to visit Gergeti Trinity (around 30-40 USD).

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Back to Gudauri to have an “exams”.  “Strict” housewife will watch how you can prepare the dishes after lessons.

Dinner (included)

Night in Gudauri

7 – Saturday – Gudauri-Gori-Kutaisi


Breakfast in the hotel (included)

Drive to the west, visit Gori.

Gori is a small town, which is famous for the fact that world famous Soviet leader Joseph Stalin was born here. It is possible to

visit the museum of Stalin.

Visit Kutaisi.

Kutaisi – The ancient capital of western Georgian kingdom of Kolkhety.

Kutaisi views
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Kutaisi was the capital of Georgia for 4 centuries in the Middle Ages, while Tbilisi and East part was under Ottomans. It was king Bagrat III, who began reunion of whole country and erected the great cathedral on the hill overlooking the old city. After his name, the “Bagrati Cathedral is main touristic sightseeing in Kutaisi. It was destroyed by Turks in 17th century and recently restored.

Kutaisi is one of the cradles of culture in Georgia. In The central places visit Synagogue, Catholic Church, Theatre, Museum wonderful parks and squares.

In the hotel bake Imeretian Khachapuri, Eggplant with nuts and Satsivi
Dinner (included)

Here they will degustate Imeretian wine, which is different from Kakhetian wine.
night in guesthouse in kutaisi


8 – Sunday – Kutaisi-Tbilisi (230 км)

Breakfast in the hotel (included)

The market of Kutaisi is one of the famous in Georgia. Here is a great choice of spices and other ingredients necessary for good dishes. We spend in market one hour and drive to Tbilisi.

On the way we have possibility to buy ceramic and wooden items necessary for our kitchen.
Arrival in Tbilisi. After having a rest in the hotel, let have dinner in funicular of Kutaisi.

Night in Tbilisi

9 – Monday– Tbilisi-airport

Early breakfast in the hotel (included)

06:30 Drive to the airport.
07:00 arrive at the airport
end of the service.

The program is based on arrival in Tbilisi by evening flight and departure by morning flight. In case of flights of other schedule there will be slight changes in the price.
Best time for the tour – From April till October. In winter time region Kazbegi is excluded. Ski resort Gudauri is possible to be included, but the price of the tour may rise according to prices in Gudauri hotels, which are usually higher in winter.

Price includes
Hotels and guesthouses according to the program
Meals: According to the program – BB, second day FB
Welcome and farewell dinner (0,5 litter wine for each person included)
Master classes of Georgian cuisine
Wine degustation
Service of English speaking guides
Master classes of Tamada on welcome dinner
Museum tickets

Price does not include
Flight tickets, insurance, alcohol (save degustation and welcome/farewell dinner), any other service which are not included in “price included” item

Please, send the offers on Email: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it Or on the Skype: world.express.travel-1
Information about visa is available on www.mfa.gov.ge

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